Christmas eve

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webb & davidson
Billy Davidson


39 years ago today I met my wife Cynthia at a Christmas party on Christmas eve,



All the leaves have fallin''
I hear December callin'
Christmas Eve

I can hear those church bells ringing'
Those old songs we'll be singin'
Christmas Eve

The kids anticipating 
Patiently awaiting
Presents underneath the tree
Don't forget to fill the stockings 
On Christmas Eve

I'll always remember
The day I met her
Christmas Eve

We cuddled up together
Didn't care about the weather
Christmas Eve

It was at that Christmas party
She opened up a part of me
That I had never known
It was in our destiny
To meet on Christmas Eve

So many years ago
We stood below the mistletoe 
Christmas Eve

She was so inviting
It was so exciting 
Christmas Eve

With the snow flakes flying
All those presents lying
Underneath the Tree
It was in our destiny
To meet on Christmas Eve

It's time to stoke the fire
Whatever you desire
Bundled up beside our Christmas tree
And you and I together
On Christmas Eve